Supporting Organisations To Bring Change

We support partnerships, regional organisations, governments, service providers, community organisations and donors to bring about transformative and sustainable change.

Working with integrity

Our values in action:

  • Credibility – we use transparent, rigorous and contextually appropriate methods and processes to generate credible evidence.
  • Respect – we uphold the dignity of everyone we work with, and value their cultures, knowledge and experiences.
  • Inclusion – we use different strategies to elicit participation and give voice to all groups.
  • Reciprocity – we contribute our knowledge and experience to the wellbeing of everyone we work with.
  • Learning – we create space for understanding and knowledge to be shared and drive decisions.

Our Clients

We hold standing offers with:

We provide consultancy services across the following areas:

Education, Training & Scholarships

Labour Mobility

Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

Law & Justice

Community Development

Risk Management, Adaptation & Resilience

Politically Fragile & Post-Conflict Environments

We provide consultancy services across the following areas: